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Whether you are a beginner or seasoned expert, maximizing your LMR knowledge is essential to doing your job well and keeping your users safe. The Tait Radio Academy is a free online school dedicated to providing great tutorial content that shares and improves everyone’s radio knowledge.

Courses, from radio basics to advanced

The Tait Radio Academy will provide short, easy to consume courses on the major topics at every level of radio knowledge. From the basics of radio wave modulation right up to comparative analysis of emerging radio standards, the Academy has courses to help you make better decisions. View our full list of current and upcoming courses.

Discussion Group

There is a huge amount to be gained by mixing and sharing knowledge with your industry peers. We have created the Tait Radio Academy Group on LinkedIn to allow users to post their questions or share their thoughts on radio communications related topics. It's a great place to build your professional network.


While the Radio Academy is self managed learning, we realize that it is often helpful for our users to be able to record the education they have completed. Therefore, the site has been built to track the learning of registered users. Join the Radio Academy for free, and as you complete each course you will gain learning points and Radio Academy Certificates.

About the Tait Radio Academy

The Tait Radio Academy is on a mission to give the world free educational content about critical communications. Each day, new Radio Managers, Communication technicians, and IT Specialists are being put in charge of critical communication networks. Our aim is to ensure they are equipped to manage those networks well, to know when to replace or upgrade equipment, and how to keep their people safe and connected through networks that stay online.

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