Q. Who is the Radio Academy for?
This website has been built to serve anyone with an interest in professional land mobile radio. You might work in public safety and be responsible for the communication network, you might service radios, you might view radio as a hobby, you might work as an IT professional, you might even want to sell radios and networks. Whatever your reason, the Radio Academy will give you a solid foundation and understanding for professional communications.

Q. Does radio technology matter anymore? Or is it becoming irrelevant as new technology is created?
We are often asked this question, and the answer is always the same. YES! Radio technology is still a vital technology and will be for a long time. Empty vacuum tubes and Morse code may not be as relevant today as they used to be, but the radio spectrum is vital in many popular technologies today. Radio technology, like all technology, is rapidly advancing and enabling new levels of efficiency, safety, and productivity for businesses around the globe.

Q. How much does the radio academy cost?
Thanks to our sponsor, the radio academy is free! You and as many of your staff are able to view the content as many times as you like.

Q. Am I required to sign-up?
Although you do not need to register to learn from the video and print content, signing-up does offer several benefits:
– You will be able to keep track of course progress
– You will gain access to the certification quiz at the end of each course
– You will receive a printable certificate upon completion of the quiz
– You will gain access to a printable, pdf study guide
– You will be notified of all future courses and other educational content
– You can ask and answer questions in our LinkedIn Discussion Group

Q. How much time will each course take?
The answer to this question depends on you. Courses are made up of 10-20 lessons, each containing a video between 2-6 minutes long. Text and graphics accompany each video and reinforce what was said in the video. You can take the course at a pace that suits you. You can watch all the lessons in one day, or you can choose to watch one per week until completion.

Q. What order should I do the courses in?
You can take the courses in any order you wish. However, we recommend that you complete the Basic Radio Awareness course if you are completely new to the radio world.

Q. Can I get a certificate of completion after finishing a course?
Yes, if you have registered on the Radio Academy website, you can take a Final Assessment Quiz at the end of a course. If you score the requisite marks in that quiz, you will be awarded a certificate of completion for that course.

Q. How much do I need to score to get a certificate of completion?
You need to score 80% or above in the final assessment quiz to get a certificate of completion for that course.

Q. I scored more than 80% in the final assessment quiz. How can I download my certificate?
You can download the certificate from the quiz results page immediately after you finish the quiz. You can also download any certificates that you have earned from your profile page at any time.

Q. Can I access Tait Radio Academy on my smartphone or tablet?
Yes! The Tait Radio Academy is accessible across all mobile devices.

Q. How do I change my password?
You can change your password from the Edit Profile page.

Q. How do I share my progress with others?
Your profile page is publicly accessible. Any certificates you earn are displayed on your profile page. You can share the link to your profile with others.

Q. How do I report an error or a bug?
If you come across an error or a bug on the Radio Academy website, you can please leave a comment in our LinkedIn Discussion Group or contact us. We will see to it that it is addressed.

Q. What if I want to learn something that is not available here?
We love getting suggestions for new courses and material. If you have a suggestion, please leave a comment in our LinkedIn Discussion Group or contact us.

Q. Do you offer these courses in person?
If you would like your organization to learn from a radio expert live and at your location, this can be arranged. Contact us for details and pricing information.