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Basic Radio Awareness

Dr. Jan Noordhof | 4 lessons

Welcome to Radio Communication 101. This is the starting place for the Tait Radio Academy. In this course, you will gain a solid foundation and understanding of critical communications.


Introduction to DMR

Noel Farrelly | 5 lessons

Learn the basics and introduce yourself to DMR, one of the most popular standards in critical communications.


Introduction to P25

Andrew McTaggart | 5 lessons

P25 is a leading technology choice for Public Safety and other mission critical organizations around the world. Learn all about it in this new introductory course.


Introduction to Broadband and Convergence

Dr. Jan Noordhof | 6 lessons

Everyone is talking about unified critical communications, but how can it help your organization enhance safety and improve efficiency?


Introduction to Intrinsically Safe Radios

Dr. Stuart Colsell | 4 lessons

This course introduces the different Intrinsically Safe (IS) standards, based on their location in the world, and the environments under which IS radios might be used.


Best Practice for Radio Users

Evan Forester | 3 lessons

This course focuses on end-user training for connecting and communicating clearly, safely, and efficiently on your radio. It's a great course for users in all industries.


Introduction to Industrial Control Systems

Philip Mullins | 3 lessons

Critical Communications is no longer just about voice, the data capabilities offer great opportunities for different applications. This course introduces Industrial Control Systems and how you can transmit SCADA over your radio network.

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