Introduction to Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems by Industry

Industrial Control for Water Utilities

We will now take a look into industrial control systems in different industries. The way to think about industrial control systems within an industry, is as a number of different systems working together to create a system of systems.

Water Utilities 

For Water Utilities, Industrial Control Systems and SCADA information should provide certain abilities, such as the ability to detect leaks and maintain the correct water pressure. The systems that control these things are all separate from each other.

This means that pipelines, as a general measure, are looking at things like pressures and leaks. If there is too much pressure, a leak will occur as a result. At a minimum it stresses the pipe in a way that degrades it’s life.


Pumping systems have emergency shutoff valves, therefore if a waterline bursts the water flow can be shut off. It this doesn’t happen damage from the water can erode streets and underneath streets. There are many various implications from a water leak that aren’t obvious. But all of it is around degrading or undermining the infrastructure that supports it.