Introduction to Unified Critical Communications

How to Choose the Right Communication Bearers

Which Wireless Bearer Should I Choose?

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Now that we’ve discussed the most common wireless voice and data bearers, you might be wondering which one you should choose?

Unified Critical CommunicationsThe key point is that you don’t need to choose the best bearer to do everything. Creating a monolithic system suitable for your entire organization is often too hard and involves making too many compromises in cost, availability, and performance.

A close analysis of how the various groups in your organization interact and work can reveal the diversity and variability of your communications requirements over time. Matching bearers and devices to jobs makes better sense than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

This doesn’t mean you need to keep these different wireless networks completely separate, however. Defining an integration strategy that enables different bearers to be accessed by different devices as they are needed can improve the flexibility, coverage, resilience, and cost-effectiveness of your overall communications.

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