Introduction to Broadband and Convergence

Everyone is talking about broadband and convergence in critical communications, but how can it help your organization enhance safety and improve efficiency?

Why is everyone talking about Broadband and Convergence?

Communications have never been more important than they are today. Businesses, public safety, utilities, and other enterprises rely on communications being available all the time.

Historically, this simply meant having a reliable Radio Network. People could communicate with voice, and that was enough.

But not anymore.

Today, organizations are exploring and using LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, and many other data paths to connect their people for safer, more efficient workforces. But how do I decide which technologies deliver the best outcome for my organization? How do I plan for new technology while making the most of my existing technology investments?

These and many other questions will be answered in Introduction to Broadband and Convergence.

Course syllabus

Lesson 1: What is Broadband?

Broadband communications are vital to the operation of modern comms systems. In this course you will learn what Broadband Communications are, and why they are widely described as the greatest game-changer for mission-critical communications.

Lesson 2: How to Choose the Right Communication Bearers

Trying to decide which forms of communication are right for your organization? In this lesson, we look at the pros and cons of LMR, WiFi, Satellite, and LTE.

Lesson 3: What is Convergence?

Odds are, you’ve heard the term Convergence in Critical Communications. In this lesson, you’ll watch four videos that explore how it’s revolutionizing communications and the advantages it brings.

Lesson 4: What is the Future of LTE?

The LTE standards suite continues to evolve and improve the technology. LTE already offers a lot of great benefits to users, but what does the future hold for mission critical organizations?

Lesson 5: The Benefits of Broadband and Convergence

In this lesson, we explore the generic benefits of Unified Critical Communications and then apply those benefits to specific industries who rely on critical communications.

Lesson 6: Final Assessment - UCC

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