Introduction to DMR

DMR Network Architecture

DMR Network Management

Every DMR system has the ability to allow control of various elements of the network such as setting up new users, monitoring calls, and keeping track of call records. Network administrators or managers can access any device on the network using a standard web browser, and a secured session.

There are a number of configuration, monitoring and reporting tools that provide effective network management on the DMR radio network. More than one network administrator can access the network at any one time. So using the web user interface, network managers can carry out the following tasks;

  • Check the alarm status of the network
  • View and edit fleet and subscriber unit information
  • Change network parameters
  • Monitor network operations
  • Download call records and other files
  • Make backups of the fleet and node configuration database
  • Upload new node control firmware.

Because DMR is an IP-based system, network management becomes easy.