Introduction to Broadband and Convergence

The Benefits of Broadband and Convergence

Summary of the Benefits of Broadband and Convergence

As the preceding videos illustrate, whatever industry you work in, Unified Critical Communications brings considerable benefits:

  • More Efficient Communications: A Unified Critical Communications system can be configured to automatically select the best available bearer for each communication.
  • Get Better Productivity: UCC ensures that critical voice and data arrive where it’s needed by the fastest and most reliable method and enables a more connected and better-informed workforce to collaborate more effectively
  • Improved Interoperability: With multiple bearers and open standard interfaces available, UCC systems can connect more easily with outside teams for collaborations or incident response.
  • Trim Your Communications Overheads: Without the overhead of a single, all-encompassing network across your entire coverage area, you are free to choose the quality and cost criteria for any group, situation or function.
  • Boost Your Coverage: With multiple bearers at hand, a UCC system maximizes data and voice coverage and reduces the risk of coverage failures.
  • Enhanced Worker Safety: Worker safety features, location data and alerts can operate across different networks and provide real time visibility, improved situational awareness, and faster emergency assistance.
  • Match Solutions To Your Needs: Different industries and regulations, different operating processes, different environments and the availability of different network types will all influence your choices.
  • Future-Proof Your Communications Investment: Without losing your current investment in existing communications equipment, you can add a bearer to enhance your coverage, support new applications, or add future technology.
  • Scalable Deployment: A unified approach too communication means you can keep your options open. You can start small today, then add more network bearers, new developments and applications as your organization grows, your options expand, or your requirements change.
  • Better Communications Resilience: Building redundancy into a typical single-bearer solution carries a high capital overhead too. A unified solution gives you multiple levels of redundancy, avoiding any single point of failure automatically.

This concludes our course on Unified Critical Communications. We hope you found it informative and inspiring for your organization. If you’d like to learn more or talk to an expert at Tait Communications, then don’t hesitate to contact us.